TP3 Tactical,LLC.


OUR MISSION: To bring patriots together through training, education, common interest and mutual respect.

I am just a regular guy that is fortunate to have some awesome friends. One of my biggest regrets in life is that I never served in the military. I was one signature away from joining the Marines while in college circa 1990. Shortly after that the United States was involved in the Gulf war. I saw several of my friends sent off to fight...I was not among them. I know I missed something important in my life by choosing the path I did at that time and always hoped it would lead me to something just as meaningful for me.

​As an adult I found my self identifying with and befriending many LEO's and military folks. I believe it was due to my long standing respect for these folks and often the common background of hunting, fishing and shooting sports we often had in common.
So how does that gets us here....This is my chance to give back. To try and bridge the career patriots with their civilian counterparts.